The Tamarindo Security Committee is committed to the continuous improvement of security and safety for the community of Tamarindo. This is achieved by:

  • Increased police officer presence in Tamarindo
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration between ADIT and the different units of Costa Rican law enforcement (Fuerza Publica, Policía Turistica, Policía Transito, Policía Municipal)
  • Monthly meetings between ADIT and the different units of Costa Rican law enforcement
  • Investment and continual improvement of Tamarindo security infrastructure (local police station, security camera systems, radio communications systems)


Team / Equipo:
“Jogi” Juergen Gerner (Coordinator)
Trevor Bernard
Edgar Marin


Goals / Proyectos planteados:

  • Activate a community security camera network system
  • Build a permanent police station in Tamarindo