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Tamarindo Lifeguard Program

The Tamarindo Lifeguard program is working to ensure the safety of locals and tourists on Playa Tamarindo. Our lifeguards provide:

  • Lifeguard service daily 9am-6pm 365 days/year
  • Coordinated efforts with the local police, paramedics, fire department and Red Cross
  • Ongoing lifeguard training courses for local surf instructors, watermen, and volunteers
  • A Junior Lifeguard program for the community’s youth
  • CPR and First Aid courses for the entire community


Team / Equipo:
Joe Walsh (Coordinator)
Patrick McNulty
Sergio Perez
Jonathan Thompson


Goals / Proyectos planteados:

  • Increase lifeguard coverage to include the southern end of Playa Tamarindo
  • Increased signage along the beach for rip currents, crocodiles, etc
  • Obtain emergency beach transportation (ATV and jetski)
  • Continue to work with the Costa Rican government to nationalize the lifeguard program.
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