Oneida Children’s Park

ADI Tamarindo


After several years of hard work and thanks to DINADECO´s funding the Park is now a multifunctional space for children from 0 to 99 years old any day or time. The new park opened in October 2019.

ADIT’s focus is now on cleaning and maintenance.

The team that was responsible for the reform of the park was:

Urs Schmid (ADIT President)

Helen Soto (ADIT Treasurer)

Shera Simpson (ADIT Member)

Architect Juan Carlos Robles (5D)

Architect Mauricio Salas (5d)

Sonia Fuentes (Coordinator)

Silvina Cannessa (Landscaper)

Eduardo Vargas (ADIT Assistant)

Jose Carlos Sequeira (ADIT Assistant)

Leonardo Cascante (ADIT Former Assistant )