Oneida Children’s Park

ADI Tamarindo

The Oneida Park Committee was formed to help maintain and expand a safe, fun and beautiful place for the entire community to enjoy. Our vision of Oneida Park is to a multifunctional space specially for children but suited for everyone. We want the Oneida Park to come alive by bringing cultural events, sports competitions and family activities to the space. We invite interested community members to join our meetings and participate to help make this dream come true. Past achievements include:

Daily garbage collection service
General cleaning service and maintenance of parks twice a week
Repaint, repair and/or replace the existing playground equipment, the perimeter fence and parts of the skate park.
Organize general park cleaning events
Create and send a questionnaire to the community to get feedback on what people want in our park.

The team:

Sonia Fuentes
Jose Carlos Sequeira
Juan Carlos Robles
Leonardo Cascante
Mauricio Salas

Objectives / Projects proposed:

We are currently managing financing for the reconstruction of the park with DINADECO, if approve our project we would obtain 125 million colones to be able to carry out the reconstruction work for the park.

Improve and maintain the cleanliness and safety of the park through continuous communication and with neighboring businesses, the Municipality and the security cameras.

Increase donations from the community to provide an ongoing park maintenance service.