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Oneida Children’s Park

The Oneida Park Committee was formed to help maintain and expand a safe, fun and beautiful place for the entire community to enjoy.  Our vision of Oneida Park is a multi-functioning space for kids ages 0-99 any day or time.  We want to see Oneida Park come alive as we bring cultural events, sporting competitions, and family-friendly activities to the space.  We welcome interested community members to join our meetings and to become involved in helping to make this dream a reality. Past accomplishments include:

  • Daily trash collection service
  • General park cleaning and maintenance service twice/week
  • Repainting, repairing, and/or replacing existing playground equipment, perimeter fencing, and parts of the skate park
  • Organizing general park clean-up events
  • Creating and sending out a questionnaire to the community to gain feedback about what people want in our park


Team / Equipo:
Sonia Fuentes
Shera Simpson
Juan Carlos Robles
Mauricio Salas


Goals / Proyectos planteados:

  • Implement a major park improvement project based on the feedback from the community questionnaire
  • Apply for a grant to completely renovate the park (government grant for up to $100,00)
  • Improve and maintain park cleanliness and safety through ongoing communication and with neighbor businesses,the Municipality, and security cameras
  • Increase community donations in order to provide ongoing park maintenance service
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