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It’s official, Oneida Park will be completly renovated!

Written by Leonardo Cascante. Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Playa Tamarindo.

Today we want to tell you the most positive news and that most fill us with joy to date in these 4 years of work that ADI Tamarindo has done.

After an effort of several years in which we put many hours of work, we attended countless meetings, we made long lines in several institutions to have all the requirements at hand, assistance to the Municipal Councils, many letters sent, and overall all the management involved in moving forward a project of this magnitude, we wish to officially inform you that the project that the Integral Development Association of Playa Tamarindo (ADIT) presented to the National Directorate of Community Development (DINADECO) under the name of “Recuperación de Parque Oneida” IT WAS FINALLY APPROVED!

After all this work and effort put into this project, we are extremely happy as an organization because having won this project means that we already have financing to carry out the reconstruction and remodeling work in the Oneida Children’s Park, one of the few public spaces of Playa Tamarindo that are enabled for the enjoyment of the whole community.

Project History.

The story behind this project was born about 3 years ago by several who were interested in improving this space, since then ADIT, welcomed this proposal and took the task of taking it forward. In the first instance, the project was presented to the Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements (MIVAH), however, on that occasion, the institution ruled out financing the project when considering Tamarindo as a non-priority area or one that is not at social risk.

With Sonia Fuentes, Master in Project Management, at the head and as coordinator of the project, a multidisciplinary team of professionals and people willing to volunteer their time was formed in order to present the project once again and thus be able to get it out . In this second attempt the project was presented to DINADECO and after many highs and lows, setbacks, requirements and hours of work is how we see today that this great effort is crowned with the financing of 125,000,000 million colones by this institution so we can renovate and have a park like the one Tamarindo deserves.

Everything that comprises the design phase of the new park was carried out by the 5D architects’ studio, who from the beginning believed in this project and donated their time, knowledge and effort to have the plans and coordinate everything that entails, the architect Mauricio Salas will be the one who holds the technical direction of the works once they have started.

This project has a great significance not only for its direct benefit to the public infrastructure of Tamarindo, but also because it is the first time that a community organization with its work manages to obtain such high funding from a state institution in our community, In addition to this, it is also worth noting that this is the project that obtained the highest amount of funding from DINADECO at the national level, and the final grade that was granted upon passing the first preapproval filter was 96 of 100 points, which makes us feel very pride and happy.

Start of the buiding process.

Originally, the amount that was being requested from DINADECO was ¢ 156,737,788.26, but the top of the institution reached ¢ 125,000,000, in view of this situation and in order not to change or modify the original design of the park, we went to the community and businessmen of Tamarindo who once again donated in order to see materialized a work that will be of great benefit to all. We want to give them a special thanks for having invested in this project.

-Ten North Hotel, Hotel Capitán Suizo, Sharkys, Dennis Herzog, Debi Strong, The Coast Hotel, 5D estudio arquitectónico and Fondo Comunitario de Guanacaste.

Now we just need to finalize some legal and procedural details to start with the works, which we expect to start in January of next year.

Find attached two very important documents so that everyone can have access to the details of the approval of the project.

Letter CNDC-116-2018 from DINADECO, date 26 de february, 2018. Where we were notified of the PREAPPROVAL of the project.

Notificación DINADECO CNDC-116-2018

Letter CNDC-686-2018 de DINADECO date 24 October, 2018. Where we were notified of the APPROVAL of the project.



We wish to remind the entire community that this project is part of a larger vision that the ADIT board members have, which is to work hard for the recovery of public space and where it seeks to empower the community to make use of it, adequate of these spaces, making them more friendly and attractive to the visitor.

Under this premise we started with the “alameda” where the fair is held today, later we created a soccer academy for children and young people in order to recover and inject life into the soccer field, and today our strategy closes in this way, obtaining financing to improve a space with a lot of history, loved by all and deeply rooted in Tamarindo.

We wish to make two very important acknowledgments, the first is to the entire Municipality of Santa Cruz, its Municipal Council and to Mayor María Rosa López, since they always believed in this project, and were in the best agreement to collaborate with us in order to comply with all municipal requirements to get it out. We not only see this as an achievement for Tamarindo, but for the entire canton of Santa Cruz and they are part of this success.

And, of course, to the National Directorate of Community Development, for promoting and believing in community organizations as motors and drivers of community development. The work they do is admirable and we will be grateful forever.

Finally let them know that this is not the conclusion of this project, the constructive stage is one more and then comes the maintenance of the space, also taking into account that there are many more projects that will be of great benefit for Tamarindo, we urge you to approach to our organization and find out can support and boost our work.

In our next blog we will be sharing more information about the constructive details of the project.


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